About us

ATR S.R.L., founded in 1975 by Mr. Dante Mauri, was born as grinding business of Mauri group. ATR S.R.L. becomes shortly a leading company in the production of high quality steel for automotive, aeronautical, chemical, petrochemical and mechanical appliances industries.

From 1993 ATR S.R.L. belongs to Mr. Dante Mauri, who has also founded the Mauri group, and entered directly into the market.
ATR S.R.L. is divided into two main production department:

- the grinding area;
- the drawing area.

The grinding area is composed by 10 grinding systems, manufactured by "Schumag" (world leader), fitted with active dimensional controls (laser and infrared), which give one of the highest quality/output ratios in Europe.

The drawing area is composed by 3 "Schumag" drawing systems, designed to obtain low tolerance levels as regards straightness, and by 3 systems for working on bar ends.

The company policy is turned to a continuous quality improvement and it has recently led to very important investments such as the new production and commercial seat, conceived in order to improve every processing stage, new grinding and drawing machines and also new non-destructive test plants.

All these innovations aim to benefit the flexibility, productivity, logistics, quality and customers' satisfaction.